Please Note: Your movie/photo will be available to download for 8 weeks from date of purchase or first delivery (whichever is later). You must download it to your own device within this time.

having problems with your code? see our FAQ's below or contact us at Support Request Form with your query.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When I click play nothing happens.
A: If you are haven trouble playing your movie, try using a different internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Q: The soundtrack is not right on my movie?
A:   Please contact our support team with your movie code, and we will send you a new version with a complete soundtrack.

Q: I can't download the movie/photo to my iPhone.
A:   Apple do not yet support direct file downloads to your iPhone. To store the movie/photo on your iPhone, first download your movie/photo on a computer from our playerwebsite and then transfer the file to your phone through iTunes.

Q: How to download to the movie to my android device?
A:   To download the file to your android device, click 'download' on the player page and the file will begin to download.

Q: How to download my image?
A:   To download the image to your device, do right click on the image (or touch the image for few seconds) and select download option.

Q: I am not in the movie/photo or this is not my movie/photo.
A:   If you have received the wrong movie/photo or you are not in the movie/photo then it is likely that their is an incorrect character in the code. Check the 0's are not O's and the 1's are not I's. Still not you? please contact our support team with your name, email, phone number and ticket code.

Q: I've downloaded the file but my media player won't open/play the movie.
A:   You can download VLC Media Player free here